Ab-Ham Smart Steel

Our smart steel housing is a pioneering light gauge steel technological solution in Ethiopia determined to deliver your construction needs based on your proposed comfort, time, design and budgets.

The project is a team experienced professional architects, engineers and building specialists are ready not only to understand your thoughts but also demonstrate it practically. So far, during three years we have successfully completed camp houses, house extensions and partition.

Our smart Steel project has so far built and delivered modern, remote camp house facilities to local and international companies accommodating architectural features.  Based on the request from our customers; we have delivered  safe and comfortable houses, equipped with water heater, air conditioner, rest rooms, kitchen, dining facilities and sound-proof walls.


Light gauge steel partitions are easy time and money saving solutions. AB-HAM smart steel made partitions offer flexibility of widening or narrowing office space and can easily dismantled and transported if moving to new premises as required.One of the Elsamex - eco asphalt  smart steel comp house building  with insulated wall and roofing system and PVC flooring, equipped with heaters, complete sanitary fixtures, and kitchen facilities.